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1.5 Litre Health Pot Model MHF-C1810

1.5 litre capacity, the water ratio of the soup is just right;

800W high-power fast cook, good food, no waiting.

11 heat preservation gears, special care of good materials.

9 hours appointment, enjoy delicious food when you arrive home.

8 functions for cultivate a good complexion.

Food grade materials, borosilicate glass body, visible for the cooking process and enjoy the delicate and nourishing life for safe cooking.

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1.5 litre Health Pot Model MHF-C1810 (3)

● Make sure there is water in the pot when powering on. After powering on, make sure the power cable is tightly plugged in.

● When using, please wait for the water to boil, and then put health preservation materials or flowers and fruits, a little stirring can be, if add sugar, please stir until sugar melt, to avoid sugar sink to the bottom of the caramel paste bottom, resulting in glass damage, it is recommended to put sugar after cooking.

● If the tea is not finished, put the health pot in the refrigerator, stir it before heating it again, and then heat it at room temperature, and stir it before boiling, so as to prevent the damage caused by food sticking to the bottom of the pot.

● This pot can also cook noodles, dumplings, dumplings and other food, can be soup, but not thick food, such as sesame paste, black bean powder, mountain medicine powder, porridge, so as to avoid the bottom of the pot sticking to the bottom, resulting in damage.

● When using the health pot to boil water, the water level at the bottom of the pot is lower than a quarter, it has the function of automatically turning off the light and power off. If adding other health materials, flowers and fruits, there is no automatic power off function.

● After each use, the product should be cleaned immediately after the machine is cooled.


Model Name



UK, US, EU Plug

Rated Voltage

110V~, 220V~





Rater Frequency

50/ 60Hz


304 Stainless Steel, High Borosilicate Glass

Color Box Size


Carton Box Size




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