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1,200 Watts High-Speed Blender Model SC-1589

Break the cell wall, release all the nutrition of food. Total nutrition comes from professional wall breaking technology, many years of technical research has found that only when the “golden ratio” of motor, blade and cup is reached, can the cell wall be broken all nutrients be released.

1,200 watts high-speed and high-power grinding, automatic cooling, longer service life.

Integrative forming of 8 leaves stainless steel blade, for the careful design, the blade can significantly improve the wall breaking efficiency.

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1,200 watts high-speed blender model SC-1589 (2)

● Automatic cleaning: Pour in half a cup of warm water and cover, turn on the machine select 10 gear and clean for 10 seconds, after cleaning, turn the cup upside down before using.

● In the process of using the wall machine, do first thing is to prepare good food, only need to add to the machine after wash cup body, and then in the correct way to put the lid tightly, the cup body installed on the host, at the time of installation must be carried out in accordance with the registration mark installation, only in this way can ensure the installation of robustness.

● Directly connected to the power and press the open key, open the machine, through the menu button to choose the required functionality, if you want to choose the kind of function, the flashing light, so at this point is selected, the selected after the corresponding function, you can open the open key, then the wall machine began to turn.

● The power of the wall breaker is very high, so the whole cooking time is very short, most of the food can be prepared in a few minutes or so. After production, there is no need to filter the residue, because the wall breaker can easily break down the cell wall, so there are no large food particles left behind.

● After making, the cup body is thoroughly cleaned, just add water, and then turn on the corresponding switch can automatically clean, if it is some stubborn stains or grease inside, just add a little mild detergent on the line.


Model Name



UK, US, EU plug

Rated Voltage

110V~/ 220V~

Rated Frequency


Rated Power






Carton Box Size

EU plug: 625*570*370mm, 18kg                           

Uk plug: 635*290*710mm, 18kg        

6pcs a carton

Gross Weight


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