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15L Large Capacity Air Fryer_Model JD-989

Multi-function unlock more ways to use. One machine withe multiple functions. Air fryer can easily handle fancy food.

3D stereo surround crispy without frying. Hot air circulation heating. The meat will get crispy outside and tender inside.

Touch smart panel with visual window, easy operating, watching the food get variation.

Large capacity in 15 litre, meet the family’s gourmet requirements.

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● Please carefully read the manual before use.

● The accessories and parts should be taken out from air fryer or packaging box before the first use.

● Warm water should be clean the parts of air fryer and soft wet cloth should be used to wipe the inside of air fryer. Please use it after it has been fully dried.

● The periphery of air fryer should set aside sufficient room to make sure that the distance from surface of air fryer to other article is more than 20cm. Furthermore, the top of air fryer should not be placed any item. Do not place air fryers near inflammable objects or heat sources. Keep away from curtains or similar objects to prevent fire.

● The air fryer should be kept in a dry environment and should not be used outdoors.

● Use this product with extra care if there are children around. Do not place this product in the reach of children.

● Before the initial operation of air fryer, the temperature should be set to the maximum and it should be pre-heated for 10-15 minutes to remove the rust-resistant oil from the air fryer’s heating tubes and it is normal to see slight smoke when use it for the first time.


Model Name



EU, UK, US plug

Rated Voltage


Rated Power



White, Black




Stainless steel, pp plastic, galvanized sheet

Color Box Size

413*336*336mm, 4.75KG

Net weight


Product size


Carton size

695*375*432mm, 12.4kg

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