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300W Meat Chopper Model ZG-L74A

2 litre capacity, easy to mince 2kg meat, suitable capacity for whole family.

According to the softness and hardness of the ingredients you can freely choose fast or slow speed.

Double-layer S-shaped design whirlwind cutting blade, whether it’s spices or meat, it can be used according to your needs.

300 watts: strong power, reduce mixing time, mince ingredients easily.

A variety of materials: including meat, vegetables, spices, baby food, multi-purpose machine.

Good material: thick glass bowl, no need to worry about product quality.

Micro Switch: A hidden lock set as the bottom of the machine head and the machine head need to be matched with the cup lid and the lock can be activated to work normally.

Easy to disassemble and clean, 4-steps assemble then help you start the machine.

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● Before using the household electric meat grinder, first clean the parts that can be cleaned. Wash and dry before reassembling. Connect the power supply and see if it works properly.

● The meat to be cut, remove the bones, and then cut into the shape of thin pieces, in order to avoid damage to the meat grinder.

● Next, you can turn on the power supply and turn on the switch to make the meat grinder work, and then add meat pieces evenly and frequently.

● If in the process of operation, it is found that the machine is abnormal or there is leakage and other circumstances, immediately shut down. Then cut off the power and check to see if there is a fault in the machine or in the circuit.

● After use, clean the parts of the meat grinder, dry them, and store them in a dry fixed position in the kitchen.


Model Name ZG-L74A
Capacity 2L
Rated Voltage 220V
Rated Power 300W
Material Glass bowl or Stainless Steel bowl
Size Φ160mm*255mm

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