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4L Visual Air Fryer_Model AF3060

High borosilicate glass liner visual cooking, prevent nutrient loss from prolonged baking, healthy and delicious.

3D hot air circulation heating uniformity, heat evenly to keep the surface crispy, delicious upgraded;

Smart touch screen, make delicious food with one click, preset gourmet menu, easy to control, you can be the good chef in the party;

Power-off memory function, which can be taken out the frying basket at any time to check the food condition, you can continute to work accrodding to the original set procedure after replacing;

Visual design: You can see the whole cooking process and see the delicious food with your eyes;

Bottom heat dissipation: exhaust system to prevent accidental contact with hot gas;

Non slip food pad: Strength friction, prevent slip and shake, keep stable;

Split design: Quick and effortless cleaning, convenient for next use.

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● Wipe the inside and outside of the air fryer with a damp cloth.

● After the air fryer is placed in a stable position, place the pan in the tank properly and smoothly, and plug it into the earthed power socket.

● Place the ingredients on the liner baking tray and slide the frying pan back into the air fryer.

● Set the function, temperature and time required for cooking, and click the touch button with your thumb (complete contact is required between your thumb and the cover, and release after touching for 2S).

● Water shall not be poured into the pot to cook together, in case of accidents.

● After each use, the product should be cleaned immediately after the machine is cooled.


Model Name



UK, US, EU plug

Rated Voltage


Rated Power

1200W, 50Hz








Heat resistant high borosilicate glass gallbladder   



Color box size

332*307*300mm, 4.3kg

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