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6L Large Capacity Air Fryer_Model KG-B1

Electronic MD Touch Panel, one click to push the button and get the good taste.

Non-detachable handle, easy to carry. Simple and elegant design, when you saw it on the dining table and you will love it;

8 pre-set cooking programs for the food you like, one machine with multiple functions;

Food grade non-stick oil grill, easy to clean.

High speed 360° air circulation technology baking can be make the food get more crispy, oil free cooking, 80% fat reducing, healthy and delicious.

80-200℃ intelligent temperature adjustment, high temperature steam replenishment tastes crispy outside and tender inside.

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The 5-liter capacity is more suitable for families and small gatherings, so that you can become a star chef, this product will use the high speed air circulation technology, keep the original flavor of food, to make more healthy life.


● Thoroughly clean the frying basket and frying pan with hot water, detergent and non-abrasive sponge, and wipe the inside and outside of the product with a damp cloth. Place the product on a firm, level, flat surface. Place the ftying basket in the frying pan correctly. Insert the plug into a grounded power outlet. The air fryer usually takes about 5 minutes to preheat. At this point you can prepare the ingredients you want to use.

● Carefully pull the frying pan out of the air fryer. Put the ingredients in the frying basket. Slide the pan back into the air fryer. Set the time you need to cook it. Click the touch button and start your delicious cooking journey.

● Some ingredients need to be turned halfway during the cooking process. To turn the ingredients, please hold the handle and pull the frying pan out of the product, and then turn it again. Slide the pan back into the air fryer. When the timer rings, it means that the cooking time has arrived. Pull the frying pan out of the product and place it on a heat-resistant surface.

● Check whether the food has been cooked. To pour out smaller ingredients, press the basket remove button and lift the basket out of the frying pan. Pour all the ingredients in the basket into a bowl or dish. Clean the product immediately after each use.


Model Name



UK, EU plug

Rated Voltage


Rated Power



Dark Green, Black, Blue








PP, ABS plastic, high temperature resistant materials, food grade coated fryer

Color Box Size

345*345*350mm, 4.7kgs

Carton Size

720*360*370mm, 2pcs a carton

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