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6L Touch Screen Air Fryer_Model QF-306

Oil less and healthy, delicious but not fat, low calorie diet.

Multi-function menu, one click to get delicious. Simple and convenient operation, adults and children can use, free timing, no need to watch.

360° circulating hot air baking, no loss of nutrition.

Automatic power-off, can be interrupted at any time.

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Before use:

● Remove all packaging materials and stickers or labels;

● Clean the frying basket and steaming rack with hot water, liquid detergent and sponge;

● Wipe the inside and outside of the product with a clean cloth.

When using:

● Do not place oil or any liquid in the frying basket.

● Carefully pull the basket out of the air fryer.

● Put the steaming rack into the frying basket, and put the food into the steaming rack, and the frying basket will slide the air fryer back.

● If some raw materials need to be turned constantly during the production process, please hold the handle to pull the basket out of the product, then shake or turn the raw materials, and then slide the basket back.

● Don't touch the pot and frying basket during shaking to avoid scalding.



● The product needs about 30 minutes for cooling and cleaning.

● Clean the product after each use. Please take out the steam rack when cleaning. Do not use metal kitchenware or abrasive cleaning materials to clean products and internal frying baskets and steam racks, as this may damage their non-stick coating.


● Unplug the product and allow it to cool completely.

● Ensure that all components are clean and dry.


Model Name QF-306
Plug UK, US, EU plug
Rated Voltage 110V~, 220V~50Hz
Rated Power 1350W
Color Dark Green, Black, Pink, Light Green
Capacity 6L
Temperature 60℃~200℃ 
Timer 1-120mins
Material Galvanized sheet, stainless steel, PC              
Color Box Size 348*348*350mm, 5KG
Carton Box Size 727*715*360mm, 4pcs a carton
Net Weight 4KG

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