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3 in 1 Breakfast Maker Model KZC-9L

Delicious breakfast in 5 minutes;

Multi-functional machine, including oven, frying pan and coffee machine;

Oven and frying pan can be used independently (fried eggs, toast, sausage, meat can be used);

Large area glass door design, the baking process is clear, heating time can be adjusted at will.

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● Place food on a baking rack. Arrange food with oil or juice on a serving plate.

● Set the timing switch to the desired setting.

● Continuous use, due to the residual temperature of the oven chamber, the use time is shorter than the first time.

● When the time is finished, there will be a sound prompt indicating that the oven is finished. Open the glass door and remove the food or food plate with heat gloves.

● If you need to take out the food in the middle of the baking process, first rotate the timing switch to the "off" position, and then open the oven door to take out the food after hearing the prompt sound.

● Unplug the power supply after use, and move it after it is completely cooled.

Fried Eggs

● Turn the function switch to preheat for 5 minutes before frying eggs;

● Turn the timer switch to 8-10 minutes;

● Switch the function switch to the tool position;

● Put a small amount of oil on the frying pan (Note: the amount of oil should not exceed 5mm), and then beat eggs in the frying pan;

● Unplug the power supply after use and let it cool completely before moving it;

● At the end, turn all switches to the "off" position.



Model Name


Rated Voltage

110V~, 220V~50Hz

Rated Power

Oven: 1050W;                                         

Fry oven: 600W;                                             

Glass kettle: 450W;


Black, Pink


Glass kettle: 600ml;

Oven: 9L


Coffee maker, toaster maker, frying

Color box size

515*255*245mm, 3.8kg

Carton size

525*525*510mm, 4pcs a carton, 15.7kg

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