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Many benefits of air fryers! Gemet Air fryer made in China


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More and more people pay attention to the air fryer, cause the improvement of people's living standard, people pay attention to food hygiene and safety. Fried food has been popular, crisp, sweet is the biggest characteristics, but when cooking will fume everywhere, and the occurrence of high fat content, many eager to health friends can only be kept at a respectful distance.

However, recent studies have shown that the safety of fried food is questionable. Often eat fried food easy to cause obesity and cause hyperlipidemia and coronary heart disease. Regardless of the fact that vitamins A, E and other nutrients in oil are destroyed at high temperature, which greatly reduces the nutritional value of oil, A large number of carcinogens are produced in the frying process alone. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of the air fryer to give you a deeper understanding.

Advantages of air fryers:

(1) If you put the air fryer in the family kitchen, the area is not particularly large, because the oven may take up a lot of space, but the air fryer definitely does not take up a lot of space. The air fryer will be larger than the rice cooker, but in practice it will be very easy to move around.

(2) the principle of air fryer Fried is to produce high temperature hot air in the pot, and then let the hot air cycle continuously, so that can let the food is done, as the hot air circulation, disappeared into the surface of the water and food, can be said to be another form of Fried dehydrated, so I like Fried food, but this way of Fried obvious effect is more good, It's easier for food to stay crispy. Based on this, we can know the air fryer is, in fact, they are very fuel efficient, because it is not make food Fried in oil, so some ingredients with higher oil content, we don't need to put oil inside the air fryer, can achieve the result of Fried, but this does not contain oil ingredients like vegetables, we still need to put the cooking oil, But we also obviously use a lot less oil than traditional frying.

(3) no matter how good a thing of the function, but as long as it is not convenient for operation, so that means this thing is bad, after all air fryer is in the face of the general public, the more simple operation, its audience is, the more widely, so the air fryer will have more good, people usually used soybean milk machine, air fryer is like soybean milk machine, It can be operated with a button, and even the elderly know how to time and control the oil temperature after several operations. So from this point, we can know that the air fryer is good to use.

(4) When making air fryer, it is easy to make food for two people, and can also meet the needs of different amounts. Unlike real fried food, because it is so large pot of oil, so when cooking, it basically fried a lot of things.

(5) When the air fryer is in use, we directly pour out all the contents of the pot, and then wipe it on the air fryer with a rag, or do it again with some clean wet paper towels, so that the air fryer is easy to clean up.

(6) The air fryer has its own control system, in addition to the beginning of jitter, basically in the case of no one to watch, after high temperature when the machine will automatically adjust, there is almost no burning phenomenon, as long as the set time, associated with the air fryer timing, this mechanical device will automatically shut down.

Air fryer disadvantages:

(1) Air fryer in cooking, basically can choose a limited range of dishes. If there are a lot of people in the house one day and they want to roast a chicken, then the air fryer may not be able to fulfill that function.

(2) The price of air fryer is usually several hundred yuan. If it is low, there may be no warranty stage. The price of this equipment is on the high side among other similar equipment.

Gemet air fryers are tested by multiple processes, without quality problems then put on the market, you can rest assured to buy.

Post time: Aug-01-2022