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4.5L Touch Screen Air Fryer_Model 389

3 minutes preheat, the main thing is to make sure that the temperature in the air fryer is even, when you put food in, it’s going to be evenly distributed over the surface, so that you don’t get half cooked and half undercooked food.

8 preset recipes to help you easy to become homemade star-chef with simple operation.

Smart touch screen control to help you to create a simple low-fat life, enjoy the delicious.

Precise temperature control, 360° hot air circulation effect to keep the nutrition.

Even if the operation is interrupted in the midway, after restarting will inherit the memory of the last operation due to the memory function, save time and worry.

The coating does not readily peel off at the high temperatures, more safe.

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● Wipe the inside and outside of the air fryer with a damp cloth.

● After the air fryer is placed in a stable position, place the pan in the tank properly and smoothly, and plug it into the earthed power socket.

● Place the ingredients on the liner baking tray and slide the frying pan back into the air fryer.

●  Set the function, temperature and time required for cooking, and click the touch button with your thumb (complete contact is required between your thumb and the cover, and release after touching for 2S).

● Water shall not be poured into the pot to cook together, in case of accidents.

● After each use, the product should be cleaned immediately after the machine is cooled.


Model Name



UK, US, EU plug

Rated Power

900W-110V~, 1400W-220V~


Black, Red, Dark Green








Plastic housing, Galvanized Sheet

Color Box Size

303*303*340mm, 4kg

Carton Box Size

632*315*714mm, 4pcs a carton, 17kgs

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